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Qatar: In a trailblazing collaboration, Ooredoo and Cisco have joined forces to introduce a cutting-edge Cloud Phone service tailored for businesses in Qatar. The partnership marks a pivotal moment as two entities combine expertise to offer a transformative solution, propelling businesses into the digital era.

Central to this innovation is the Cisco BroadSoft platform, showcased during a joint conference and demonstration by Cisco experts. This robust platform forms the backbone of the Cloud Phone service, offering numerous advantages for businesses enhancing their communication infrastructure.

Thani Ali Al Malki, Chief Business Officer at Ooredoo, expressed the significance of this collaboration, stating, “In this era of digital transformation, our strategic alliance with Cisco is a testament to Ooredoo’s commitment to providing businesses in Qatar with world-class solutions.”

He further added, “The introduction of Cloud Phone, backed by Ooredoo’s trusted broadband services, embodies our dedication to ensuring businesses are future-ready, efficient, and digitally empowered.”

This commitment extends beyond the Cloud Phone service, encompassing Ooredoo’s enhanced Business Broadband services, including the revolutionary Business EDGE solution.

Moreover, the joint conference and demonstration served as a platform for Cisco experts to delve into the technical nuances of the BroadSoft platform. Additionally, they illustrated the benefits of the Cloud Phone service, emphasizing its foundational integration with Ooredoo’s trusted Business Broadband and Business EDGE services.

A key demonstration highlight was the ease of activating the Cloud Phone service with a broadband internet connection. Furthermore, Ooredoo and Cisco’s collaborative vision prioritizes practicality, delivering not just cutting-edge technology but also user-friendly solutions seamlessly integrated into existing business operations.

The Cloud Phone service represents a significant leap forward in business communication, offering a streamlined and digitally empowered solution for enterprises. Leveraging Cisco’s expertise and Ooredoo’s established network, businesses in Qatar can now adopt a future-ready, efficient, and technologically advanced communication infrastructure.