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KSA: The second phase of issuing the “ Visiting Investor ” visas to Saudi Arabia was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment (MISA). The first phase allowed the issuance of this electronic business visit visa for a limited set of countries. This phase includes all the countries of the world that were not allowed in the first phase.

In a statement announced on X (formerly Twitter), the Ministry of Investment (MISA) said that in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have introduced a new venture in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030. The aim of this venture is to increase investment and trade traffic to the Kingdom through ease of travel with the “ Visiting Investor ” visa. Additionally, with this initiative, they hope to encourage global investors to establish projects in the country.

The target of this phase is to help the investor’s journey and make it easier for them to learn about the investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, aligned with the Saudi Vision 2030, it aims to contribute to the goals of Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become a leading investment powerhouse with a strong competitive edge.

The first phase of the “ Visiting Investor ” visa was introduced in June of this year as a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Investment (MISA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) aimed at contributing to the Kingdom’s steadfast pursuit of becoming a global investment hub.

This visa paves the way for foreign investors to delve into Saudi Arabia’s thriving investment scene, enabling businessmen to gain valuable insights into the investment environment of the country.