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Oman: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have unanimously given the green light to the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa.

Jassim Mohammed Al Budaiwi, the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, made this historic announcement during the 40th meeting of the GCC Interior Ministers in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Al Budaiwi stated, “The Unified Gulf Tourist Visa is a remarkable achievement and a testament to the close cooperation and wise directives of the GCC leaders.”

Expanding on the visa’s significance and highlighting the unity in this pivotal step for regional tourism, he remarked, “This achievement requires maintaining a high level of national security and ensuring the deterrence of any threats that could impede the region’s continued progress.”

During the meeting, the interior ministers of the Gulf nations unveiled an electronic system designed to link traffic violations across GCC countries. Al Budaiwi emphasized the initiative’s importance, citing its potential to enhance traffic safety goals. The operational system is expected to provide comprehensive, unified traffic services to GCC citizens.

Reflecting on the broader achievements of the GCC countries, Al Budaiwi highlighted their progress and prosperity at various levels. He noted, “The GCC countries have achieved remarkable progress and prosperity, gaining regional and global recognition for their development efforts, particularly in enhancing the well-being of Gulf citizens.”

Stressing the importance of maintaining a high level of national security, Al Budaiwi emphasized the need to deter any threats that could impede the continued progress of the region. Additionally, the meeting delved into crucial security issues, notably, the growing proliferation of drugs in the GCC countries. Al Budaiwi called for a unified strategy, stating, “We need a unified strategy that encompasses prevention, control, and treatment of drug-related problems,” recognizing the need for united efforts to tackle this concern among the youth in the region.