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Oman: SNF, a global industry leader in water-soluble polymers, has announced a remarkable $250 million expansion plan in Oman, a strategic move solidifying its presence and capabilities in the region. With a current capacity exceeding 1.5 million tonnes of active content, SNF stands as the foremost global supplier of integrated solutions for chemical-enhanced oil recovery (EOR). This expansion will be financed through a combination of self-financing and partnerships in the Sultanate of Oman.

The infusion of funds will play an important role in elevating SNF’s production capabilities within the country. Addressing the critical infrastructure requirements of key clients takes center stage in SNF’s agenda, aligning with its objective to provide comprehensive solutions. The company also aims to expand its workforce in the region.

One of the cornerstone elements of SNF’s expansion strategy is the establishment of the Regional SNF Technical Centre (RSTC) in Muscat, scheduled to open its doors this year. Branded as RSTC Oman, this facility is poised to become SNF’s R&D hub for the entire Gulf region.

The Technology Centre’s role extends beyond regional efficiency, as SNF commits to developing world-leading polymer expertise. This commitment is defined by initiatives such as sharing expertise, training students and young professionals, and actively hiring and training local talent. SNF’s forward-thinking strategy positions RSTC Oman as an innovation catalyst for polymer solutions, aiding customers in meeting production and sustainability goals throughout the oil and gas lifecycle.

This expansion plan reinforces SNF’s position as a key player in the global market for water-soluble polymers as well as highlights its dedication to contributing to the economic, technological, and educational landscape of Oman. As SNF gears up for this transformative journey, the company’s vision encompasses business growth and a sustainable and collaborative future for the oil and gas sector in the Gulf region.