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KSA: Saudi Arabia has taken a significant step towards strengthening its energy infrastructure with the launch of four projects aimed at generating a total of 7,200 megawatts of electrical power. The Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC) has initiated the process by inviting bids for independent power plant projects that strategically span the central and eastern regions of the country.

The central region will host two major projects named Rumah1 and Rumah2. Each of these ventures is set to possess a robust capacity of 1,800 megawatts. Using natural gas combined-cycle technology, these plants will incorporate cutting-edge carbon capture technology.

Simultaneously, in the eastern region, Saudi Arabia will witness the implementation of two additional projects, namely Nairyah1 and Nairyah2. Like their central counterparts, these ventures will boast a capacity of 1,800 megawatts each, utilizing the same innovative natural gas combined-cycle technology coupled with carbon capture.

This undertaking aligns seamlessly with the objectives of the Saudi Green Initiative, a visionary plan aimed at achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060. The circular carbon economy approach employed in these projects signifies a commitment to environmental responsibility, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Moreover, the initiative is an important component of the broader strategic goals outlined in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. Within the energy sector, Vision 2030 seeks to enhance power generation efficiency, reduce costs, and diversify energy production. An integral aspect of this vision is the aspiration to achieve a balanced 50-50 split in electricity production between renewable sources and gas, accompanied by a reduction in the consumption of liquid fuels within the sector.

Saudi Arabia’s introduction of these innovative projects signals a significant shift toward a sustainable and diversified energy landscape. Furthermore, the strategic plant placement, combined with advanced technology, highlights the Kingdom’s dedication to environmental stewardship and the ambitious goals of Vision 2030.