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Oman: Samsung C&T Corp., in partnership with Marubeni Corporation and OQ, is set to spearhead the SalalaH2 project in Salalah, Oman. This venture aims to annually produce 1 million tonnes of green ammonia within a designated free zone.

The SalalaH2 project involves the creation of an expansive complex, harnessing renewable energy from solar and wind sources. Leveraging OQ’s existing ammonia plant, the consortium seeks to drive the production of green ammonia and contribute to Oman’s vision of becoming a global leader in green hydrogen.

Samsung C&T’s construction division secured exclusive business rights for the SalalaH2 Green Ammonia Project, forming a robust consortium with Marubeni and OQ.

With preliminary surveys underway, Samsung C&T plans to commence construction in 2027, eyeing a fully operational facility by 2030. Moreover, this strategic timeline aligns with Oman’s broader strategy to establish three green hydrogen zones in central and southern regions suitable for large-scale green energy production.

Furthermore, the Omani government’s support is pivotal to the project’s swift progress, recognizing the consortium’s expertise in renewable and clean energy. Additionally, the recently signed agreement with Hydrom, an Omani government entity promoting green hydrogen, further cements the collaborative efforts toward sustainable energy development.

Oman’s ambition to become the world’s largest green hydrogen hub is reflected in the selection of strategic zones for green energy development. Salalah, identified as a key region for the second phase, signifies Oman’s commitment to advancing green hydrogen and ammonia businesses.

The SalalaH2 project, led by the Samsung C&T consortium, represents a pivotal step in Oman’s journey toward sustainable energy. The exclusive rights, strategic partnerships, and government backing position the project as a flagship initiative in the global shift towards green and clean energy.