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KSA: Saudi Arabia has emerged as the global leader in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, according to the latest rankings. Tortoise Intelligence, a renowned global advisory firm evaluating over 60 countries, has placed the Kingdom at the top of its Government Strategy Index for AI.

Germany and China, securing second and third positions respectively, have also made significant strides in this field. The Global Ranking of AI takes into account more than 100 indicators, classified into seven sub-pillars, including government strategy, research and development, talent, infrastructure, operating environment, and commercial aspects.

The Kingdom’s first-place position in the Government Strategy Index for AI is a remarkable achievement, considering the fierce global competition. Moreover, Saudi Arabia secured an overall ranking of 31 in the comprehensive classification indicators issued by Tortoise Intelligence, further validating its dedication to AI development.

Saudi Arabia’s exemplary performance in AI is underscored by its flawless execution of crucial criteria within the index. Additionally, a dedicated government authority for AI, ample funding, and the formulation of national targets further bolster its commitment.

Early on, Saudi Arabia demonstrated its resolute commitment to AI development by issuing a Royal Order in 1440 AH. This order led to the establishment of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), responsible for organizing, developing, and overseeing all AI-related matters.

To consolidate efforts and maximize the utilization of data and AI, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority has formulated the National Strategy for Data and AI (NSDAI), ensuring a coordinated approach toward national initiatives.

Saudi Arabia’s top-ranking position in the Government Strategy Index for AI serves as a testament to the Kingdom’s unwavering commitment to technological advancement. By nurturing a thriving AI ecosystem, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to make substantial strides toward a future driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology.