UAE:  With the COP28 set to be held in the UAE at the Expo City Dubai in November, France and the United Arab Emirates are actively collaborating on the development of low-carbon energy solutions emphasizing a shared vision. The French Minister of Foreign Trade, Olivier Becht shared that the two nations have forged a strong alliance in their commitment to clean energy.

Becht, acknowledging the urgency to address the mounting threats posed by climate change, expressed his confidence in the United Arab Emirates’ ability to successfully host COP28.

Additionally, the international community also recognizes the UAE’s pivotal role in combating climate change, as Olivier Becht pointed out. Recognizing the need to expedite the transition to sustainable energy, the United Arab Emirates and France are focusing on reducing carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy production.

Moreover, the French Minister of Foreign Trade highlighted the alarming rise in natural disasters linked to climate change, underscoring the imperative to take bold and decisive actions. He stated, “The environmental challenges we face motivate us to be more courageous and committed in our actions to accelerate the energy transition. That is why the United Arab Emirates and France have many joint projects in various fields, including hydrogen and nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, to produce clean energy that is the future of the sector.”

Deep-rooted relations between the United Arab Emirates and France serve as the foundation for their cooperation in the pursuit of clean energy solutions, Becht affirmed. Furthermore, he plans to visit the UAE to engage in discussions aimed at bolstering economic cooperation between the two countries and elevating it to new heights in the near future.