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KSA: ACWA Power, a global leader in energy transition and private water desalination, has reached a significant milestone by breaking ground on a pioneering green hydrogen project in Uzbekistan.

In a ceremony attended by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev and Saudi Minister of Investment Khalid Al Falih, the first phase of this ambitious project was inaugurated in Bukhara, Republic of Uzbekistan.

ACWA Power expressed gratitude for the trust bestowed upon them by the Uzbekistani leadership. Mohammad Abunayyan, Founder and Chairman of ACWA Power, commented, “We are honored that the leadership of Uzbekistan has bestowed their trust in our capabilities to develop the country’s first green hydrogen project. This marks a significant milestone in the history of Uzbekistan’s energy revolution, and ACWA Power is honored to be leading the charge.”

The project consists of two phases. The first, a 3,000-tonne green ammonia pilot project, is in progress after signing agreements in May 2023. The next phase plans to leverage 2.4 GW of wind energy to produce 500,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually. This dual-phase approach underscores ACWA Power’s dedication to providing a holistic and sustainable green hydrogen solution.

Furthermore, Mohammad Abunayyan emphasizes this, stating, “We are witnessing the fruits of our collective labor, a testament to the endless possibilities when vision meets determination. ACWA Power remains committed to sustainable development, job creation, and fostering long-term economic prosperity with environmental stewardship as a priority.”

Notably, this Uzbekistan venture is not ACWA Power’s first foray into utility-scale green hydrogen projects. The company previously contributed to the NEOM Green Hydrogen Project in Saudi Arabia, a collaborative effort with NEOM and Air Products. Uzbekistan is a key market for ACWA Power, ranking as the company’s second-largest investment destination. The commitment is evident in ACWA Power’s portfolio, which includes 12 projects in Uzbekistan, with 11 focused on fully renewable initiatives.

This steadfast dedication underscores ACWA Power’s pivotal role as not just an energy provider but also as a catalyst for sustainable development, job creation, and environmental stewardship in Uzbekistan’s promising future.