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Oman: His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik inaugurated the magnificent Sultan Haitham City at Al Baraka Palace on 31st May 2023. The proud occasion witnessed the unveiling of a smart futuristic city that embodies the aspirations of the Omani youth.

Dr. Khalfan bin Said Al Shu’aili, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, warmly received His Majesty the Sultan upon arrival. Captivated by the vision, His Majesty attentively absorbed the description of the city, which promises to set a new benchmark for sustainable urban living.

The mesmerizing model showcased during the demonstration revealed a city that seamlessly blends modernity with Oman’s rich cultural heritage. Sultan Haitham City embraces a diverse range of residential prototypes, exuding luxury and power while staying true to the country’s roots.

Further, the brand identity of Sultan Haitham City, aptly named “Treasure the Future,” signifies the ambition to create a truly unique and dazzling metropolis in Oman.

During the presentation, His Majesty delved into the master plan, residential quarters, and amenities of the City. Impressive figures showcased the multitude of structures, including schools, hospitals, and mosques. The project goes beyond mere urban life, aiming to shape a prosperous future and foster a civilized society.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed members of the Royal family and high-ranking officials. Sultan Haitham City embraces an architectural vision that ensures sustainable lifestyles and inclusivity, providing social and recreational facilities for all segments of society.

Sultan Haitham City

This exceptional city adheres to twelve global standards of quality, offering affordable living, advanced amenities, and a modern lifestyle. Spanning an area of approximately 15 million square meters, Sultan Haitham City showcases an extensive 2.9 million square meters of green space. Additionally, it will house 100,000 residents in 20,000 diverse and stylish residential units.

Moreover, the city boasts 19 integrated residential neighbourhoods, complemented by 23 mosques and a grand mosque. With 11 health facilities, including specialized centers for persons with disabilities and the elderly, the City prioritizes the well-being of its inhabitants.

Education plays a central role, with 39 government and private schools covering all educational levels. And, the city’s internal transport network efficiently connects residents to various facilities, ensuring easy accessibility and convenience.

Furthermore, Sultan Haitham City celebrates cultural diversity and offers a sense of belonging to all residents. Community facilities are thoughtfully positioned, allowing easy access and promoting optimal use of public spaces.

The city’s external areas draw inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty, with an emphasis on integrating natural shades and well-designed streets. Solar energy and waste management systems contribute to a greener future, ensuring the preservation of precious resources.

As Sultan Haitham City takes shape, it exemplifies Oman’s commitment to sustainable development and paves the way for future generations to thrive. It is a proud testament to the transformative vision outlined in Oman Vision 2040 and represents a beacon of hope for building sustainable cities worldwide.