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Oman: During the first half of 2023, the Salalah Free Zone, affiliated to the Asyad Group, was able to attract economic projects by signing 5 new usufruct agreements, with a total investment amounting to OMR 727 million. Total cumulative agreements in the Salalah Free Zone reached 127 usufruct agreements, with a total volume of OMR 4.5 billion.

Dr. Ali bin Muhammad Tabuk, CEO of the Salalah Free Zone Company, said: The new agreements in the first half of this year include a project to establish a factory for the production of washing powder and detergents, and another for the manufacture of ferrous alloys and wrapping paper, as well as a factory for manufacturing textiles and plastic packaging for health care purposes, in addition to a urea and ammonia production project, and the “Exahertz” company project in the field of hosting and data processing.

He stressed the free zone’s keenness to attract private investments in the technology sector and the digital economy. This will come through the opening of the data hosting and processing project in mid-August for the international company, Exahertz, to build a huge blockchain data centre, which is an important station indicating the success of the Salalah Free Zone in attracting local and international investments, and strengthening the technical sector in the Sultanate of Oman.

Dr. Tabuk explained that the Salalah Free Zone, with its modern facilities and logistical capabilities, supports investments in the third-generation Internet technology sector and the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, to be a pillar and starting point for expanding computing capabilities in the Sultanate of Oman for blockchain technology.

This will open new horizons for innovation and the growth of the digital economy in the Sultanate of Oman, taking advantage of its strategic location adjacent to the points of connection of international submarine cables for data transmission, located in Salalah.

The CEO of the Salalah Free Zone Company pointed out that the Salalah Free Zone provides a highly efficient energy network that suits the needs of large-scale technical projects, in addition to benefiting from the mild climate in Dhofar Governorate, and the possibility of using cold seawater within advanced cooling systems. This contributes to reducing energy consumption and enhancing the efficiency of air conditioning and ventilation systems, which is a key factor in ensuring the integrity of devices in large data centers.

He stressed the importance of this project and its strategic dimensions, explaining that this partnership with Exahertz affirms the region’s commitment to supporting the digital and knowledge economy in the Sultanate of Oman in accordance with the objectives of Oman Vision 2040, promoting advanced technology sectors, and stimulating private investment. This also includes major projects, due to the presence of an advanced infrastructure network in the region, and the integrated ASYAD logistics system, in addition to other investment services and incentives.

The Salalah Free Zone, in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the Sultanate of Oman, works to provide support facilities for the industrial projects it hosts and to find stimulating opportunities for various economic sectors, in line with its vision represented in building a long-term partnership with its customers by establishing a modern integrated infrastructure in a distinguished geographical location, attractive incentives, a safe environment, and reliable services.

It is noteworthy that the Salalah Free Zone is a leading center for high-quality industrial and logistical activities. It offers many economic incentives, advantages, and facilities to investors, the most important of which are tax exemptions, and the right to full foreign ownership of investment projects, in addition to enjoying a strategic location adjacent to the port of Salalah overlooking the path of the most prominent global shipping lines, where it has infrastructure and equipment that places it among the elite commercial ports in the world.