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Qatar: In a notable effort to strengthen Qatar’s business environment, Qatar University ( QU ) and the Qatar Financial Center ( QFC ) have entered into a strategic partnership. This partnership seeks to transform the landscape of Qatar’s innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic development, setting the stage for a bright future.

Dr. Omar Al Ansari, President of QU, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, commenting, “This partnership is a testament to our dedication to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Qatar. We are thrilled to join hands with Qatar QFC to advance our shared goals and address the real challenges facing investment in Qatar.”

Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida, CEO of QFC, echoed the excitement, stating, “We are pleased to unite with Qatar University once again. On this occasion, we are combining our resources to advance our shared commitment to stimulate entrepreneurship, promote innovation, and diversify Qatar’s economy by providing a supportive infrastructure for start-ups.”

The collaboration is expected to introduce a series of initiatives that will propel innovation and entrepreneurship in Qatar. This includes the Strategic Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Development (SIEED) and QU Holding programs, which will provide vital support services to foster business growth and development. By leveraging their respective mandates, QU and QFC are set to offer a conducive environment for the business community.

Furthermore, this partnership is focused on designing attractive incentive packages to attract both local and international companies operating in the research and education technology sector, encouraging them to establish a sustainable presence in Qatar. Moreover, QU and QFC will join forces to create compelling marketing materials that showcase their projects, initiatives, and products, amplifying their impact.

Through this collaboration, QU will play a pivotal role in evaluating joint initiatives and projects related to SIEED and QU Holding, extending support to QFC in technology, research, tax activities, and ancillary services.