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UAE: Adnoc and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) have recently inked a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) that marks the beginning of a new chapter in the search for cleaner energy solutions. The UAE and Japan, already bound by a longstanding strategic energy relationship, are now set to explore and exploit opportunities that promise to reshape the global landscape for hydrogen and ammonia markets.

Working together to combine their strengths, Adnoc and MHI aim to accelerate the development of low carbon energy supply chains. collaborative effort extends beyond hydrogen and ammonia value chains, including broad research and deployment initiatives in carbon management technologies.

Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director of Low Carbon Solutions and International Growth at Adnoc highlighted the strategic significance of this collaboration. He stated, “By matching Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ related technologies with our assets, we will not only assess opportunities to develop the important hydrogen and ammonia value chains but also explore synergies that have the potential to benefit Adnoc and the broader new energies ecosystem.”

Low carbon hydrogen and ammonia are key players in reducing carbon emissions from challenging industries. They play a crucial role in meeting the growing global need for cleaner materials used in generating power.

Dr. Hitoshi Kaguchi, Senior Executive Vice President at MHI, expressed his honour in collaborating with Adnoc and outlined their commitment to contributing to Adnoc’s net-zero ambition. He remarked, “We are looking forward to contributing to Adnoc’s net zero ambition through our reliable technology in the coming projects under this Agreement.”

This collaboration is not just a transaction between two entities; it is a pivotal stride in the journey towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. As Adnoc and MHI embark on this venture, the global energy sector anticipates transformative outcomes that could shape the narrative of decarbonization in the years to come.