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Qatar: In 2022, the trade volume between Qatar and France reached an impressive QR16.7 billion ($4.58b), showcasing the robust and flourishing relationship between the two nations.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani, the Chairman of the Qatar Chamber, emphasized the exceptional rapport between Qatar and France while citing these remarkable trade figures during the inauguration of Vision Golfe.

Moreover, he highlighted the remarkable growth of Qatar-France trade over the past five years, which has witnessed a staggering 165% increase. This exponential growth has positioned France as an invaluable business partner for Qatar.

Vision Golfe, organized by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, saw enthusiastic participation from prominent corporations and organizations from both the GCC and France. Sheikh Khalifa, leading Qatar Chamber’s delegation to the event, underscored the significance of this platform in promoting business cooperation and fostering sustainable Gulf-French partnerships.

The event featured a round table discussion focusing on new business dynamics in an era of uncertainty and global challenges. Additionally, several workshops explored diverse themes including practicing business in Gulf countries, accelerating energy transition, building smart cities in the Gulf region, enhancing the French agrifood sector’s growth in the Gulf countries, and navigating innovative shopping experiences in a competitive landscape.

Sheikh Khalifa commended the strong bond between the private sectors of Qatar and France, emphasizing the regular meetings between Qatar Chamber and its French counterpart. He also praised the collaboration facilitated through the Arab-French Chamber, which has significantly contributed to fostering investment and cooperation between both nations.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that bilateral trade between France and the GCC countries reached $20 billion in 2021, further solidifying France’s position as a vital business partner for the GCC.

The success of Vision Golfe serves as a testament to the shared commitment of Qatar, France, and the GCC countries in promoting economic cooperation, sustainable partnerships, and mutually beneficial growth.