Oman: Muscat Media Group (MMG) is making waves in the business landscape with its strategic partnership with the Oman Energy Association (Opal) through the dynamic Gulf Leaders Circle ( GLC ). This move marked a significant stride towards fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the GCC region.

Within the framework of this partnership, Opal is set to take on the central role as the primary partner for the imminent GCC Business Summit, slated to be orchestrated by the Gulf Leaders Circle.

This summit, organized by Gulf Leaders Circle, is poised to promote Omani products, facilitate cooperation, and explore investment prospects not only within Oman but across other GCC states, with a notable focus on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Representing MMG, Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, CEO at MMG and Editor-in-Chief of Al Shabiba, formally inked the agreement. On the other side, Opal’s CEO, Abdulrahman Al Yahyaei, assumed the role of their representative during the signing process.

Sharing his views on the partnership, Al Zedjali stated, “At MMG, we believe that media establishments can go beyond the mere dissemination of news reports and the distribution of reliable and authentic information and play a significant role in the national economy while promoting economic cooperation with various companies and establishments across GCC countries. This cooperation can be achieved through various events such as forums and conferences and coordination between the leaders in economic fields”

Commenting on MMG’s latest offering GLC, he stated that the primary aim of the division is to increase awareness regarding business trends prevalent in GCC states, along with the advancement of trade relations among the participating countries.

He further added, “Gulf Leaders Circle recently organized a round table meeting on ‘Change through Technology in association with Microsoft’, which shed light on how emerging companies in the Sultanate can adopt new technologies to provide the best services.”

Additionally, he noted that a separate round table gathering, designed to fortify collaboration between Omani and Saudi enterprises within the energy sector, experienced a large-scale success. He added that the present strategic alliance with Opal represented a gratifying advancement in the correct direction.

By curating a robust knowledge database, GLC empowers businesses and individuals to remain informed and make strategic decisions in an ever-evolving global landscape. Beyond being a knowledge repository, GLC plays a pivotal role in forging strong business relationships and networking opportunities across Gulf countries. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration, allowing professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and establish partnerships that drive regional business growth.

Abdulrahman Al Yahyaei, CEO of Opal, echoes this sentiment of partnership. He highlighted the collaborative essence of this strategic alliance and pointed to the forthcoming conference that will convene CEOs from Oman and KSA.

This conference stands as a testament to the commitment of MMG and Opal to drive mutual growth through informed collaborations.