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KSA: KPMG and Microsoft have jointly inaugurated the Center for Emerging Technologies (CET) in Saudi Arabia. This pioneering center signifies a critical nationwide initiative aimed at empowering organizations across the Kingdom to navigate and harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.

Khalil Ibrahim Al Sedais, Regional Managing Partner for Riyadh at KPMG, highlighted the CET’s role in collaborating with organizations of various magnitudes and sectors, guiding them through the learning, assessment, and assimilation of avant-garde technologies.

While the CET will encompass a diverse spectrum of emerging technologies, particular emphasis will be on transformative forces such as artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, cloud, and quantum computing. A recent KPMG report emphasized the enthusiasm of companies in Saudi Arabia to delve into and integrate these revolutionary technologies into their operations.

Al Sedais commented on the collaborative ethos of the center, noting, “The centre will collaborate with key industry figures within and beyond Saudi Arabia to glean insights on the most fitting technology innovation waves.”

This initiative marks an expansion of the enduring alliance between KPMG and Microsoft, a partnership that has flourished at the global level for nearly two decades.

Moreover, in a commitment made in July of the same year, KPMG pledged a multibillion-dollar investment in Microsoft cloud and artificial intelligence services over the next five years.

Turki Badhris, President of Microsoft in Arabia, emphasized the importance of this alliance, stating, “Our alliance with KPMG on the Center for Emerging Technologies is a vital part of our commitment to empower organizations in the Kingdom in their business transformation and technology adoption journeys.” Additionally, he shed light on the synergy between Microsoft’s cutting-edge technologies and global partner network and KPMG’s deep industry knowledge and expertise.

With a focus on practical applications and collaboration, the CET is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future technological landscape and driving innovation across diverse sectors.