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Khimji Ramdas’ 2024 Strategy: People, Vision, and International Partnerships


Khimji Ramdas’ 2024 Strategy: People, Vision, and International Partnerships

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Varun Pankaj Khimji
Director, Khimji Ramdas

Continuing the legacy established by his father and ancestors, Varun is the sixth-generation Khimji family member in Oman. He injects a sense of vitality into the group as a Director on the Board, applying his innovative thinking to contribute to its success.
An alumnus of the Sultan’s School in Muscat, Varun completed his higher education in Switzerland where he earned his International Baccalaureate Diploma at the Institut Le Rosey, followed by his BSc in Construction Management from the University of Westminster in UK.
As part of his internship, he proved his capabilities with the Oman Airports Management Company assisting in the development of the new Muscat International Airport. Following his graduation, he worked with the William Hare Group in London as an Assistant Project Manager on the new Deutsche Bank headquarters – a 17-storey steel structure in the heart of London.
Varun is also actively involved with an Oman-based private initiative, which is a think tank formed by six of Oman’s leading corporate houses to liaise with government bodies to create policies, that will help corporates achieve more for the nation.
Drawing inspiration from his elder family members, Varun champions the sport of cricket, dedicating himself diligently to its grassroots development. Additionally, he serves as an advisor on the board of Oman Cricket- the governing body for Cricket in the Sultanate of Oman. Fluent in both, English and Arabic, Varun is also a keen sportsperson who participates in football, automotive racing, padle, tennis, cricket, and skiing.

How does your past experience influence your outlook for 2024, and what is the critical element in your strategy to guarantee the success of Khimji Ramdas?

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Varun Pankaj Khimji: Over the past four years, we have gained valuable insights into our market and industry, witnessing its evolution with new patterns and trends emerging. This experience has been instrumental in preparing us for various scenarios and challenges. The key element that has consistently driven our success, both in the past and now, is our people. They are our greatest asset. Our focus remains on providing them with an environment conducive to their growth and success, ultimately benefiting all stakeholders involved. So, I would say that is our strategy.

The key element that has consistently driven our success, both in the past and now, is our people. They are our greatest asset.

Varun Pankaj Khimji
Khimji Ramdas is fully dedicated to supporting Oman Vision 2040. How does the group actively contribute to the vision, and can you share specific initiatives or projects that align with the national development plan?

Varun Pankaj Khimji: The Oman Vision 2040 has been instrumental in guiding our efforts towards meaningful contributions. Let me elaborate on some of the initiatives we have undertaken. First and foremost, we have made significant strides in the marine industry. This includes our involvement in engineering, designing, and constructing harbours, jetties, and fisheries infrastructure. These efforts are critical for supporting our thriving fishing sector, which is a cornerstone of Vision 2040.

Additionally, we have ventured into the renewable energy sector with great success. Collaborating with specialized SME companies, we have implemented various solar projects, tapping into the potential of renewable energy sources. Another area where we are actively engaged is tourism. Our travel agency plays a pivotal role in promoting Oman to foreign visitors, offering them unique and immersive experiences tailored to showcase the beauty of our country.

Furthermore, within our supermarkets, we prioritize the promotion of traditional trades by providing a platform for local artisans and vendors to sell their products and offer their services. This not only preserves our cultural heritage but also fosters economic growth within our community.

Overall, our commitment to aligning with Vision 2040 extends beyond our business operations. We collaborate closely with the government and other stakeholders to ensure our contributions positively impact various sectors of society. Whether it is empowering local entrepreneurs or enhancing the tourism experience, we strive to make meaningful contributions in every aspect of Oman’s development journey.

Khimji Ramdas has a notable presence in Oman, the UAE, and India, with strategic partnerships with renowned brands. How do these international collaborations and operations align with the group’s overall strategy, and how do they contribute to its success?

Varun Pankaj Khimji: These international brands are more than just our suppliers; they are our partners. We consistently engage with them to grasp their vision and strategy, ensuring alignment with our business objectives. Their expertise and know-how in their respective products or services bring a distinct quality that sets them apart. They specialize in their domain, possessing intricate knowledge that we leverage to resonate with our market and highlight the value they offer.

Essentially, these brands epitomize our commitment to delivering the highest quality, punctually, and with the right value proposition. They provide the technical expertise while our dedicated team ensures seamless after-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction. These partnerships truly elevate the quality standards we aim to uphold.

KR is actively involved in areas of education, training, healthcare, and humanity exemplified by KR Eshraqa Foundation’s recent signing of MoUs with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. Can you elaborate on the foundation’s vision and how these partnerships align with its overarching goal of being a catalyst for positive change in Omani communities?

Varun Pankaj Khimji: Our CSR arm is honestly one of our most cherished areas of the business. It started a long time ago with our ancestors. They were always about giving back once given an opportunity. 

As you mentioned, education and healthcare are almost human rights for us. We always want to give back in any way we can. This arm allows us to reach those in need, whether through services or products. We want to be in touch with them because they are part of our economy that wants to grow and progress further as a country and for us with our own people. We always prioritize our country, then the company, then the individual. So, it works that way. The country’s progress is what really matters when we create our foundations.

What strategic initiatives does Khimji Ramdas have in place to address potential challenges in the business landscape, and how does the group envision maintaining its core values while adapting to future trends and uncertainties?

Varun Pankaj Khimji: Over the last few years, we have encountered numerous challenges, which have actually been a blessing in disguise. Why? Because they provide invaluable learning experiences. Each challenge offers insights into different scenarios and teaches us how to navigate them. 

Our company values—trust, care, commitment, and learning—enable us to view challenges as opportunities. It is important to approach them with a positive mindset. Currently, we have plans for multiple scenarios—A, B, and C—ensuring preparedness for various outcomes. Moving forward, unity is key; we stand ready to tackle whatever comes our way.

Each challenge offers insights into different scenarios and teaches us how to navigate them.

Varun Pankaj Khimji

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